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Nada Fadel is a luxury brand offering unique colors to enhance the essence of those who wear them. Nada lenses manufactured in Korea with advanced technology to be safe , ultra soft and comfortable.

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Our lenses

Nada Color Lenses are soft contact lenses that retain moisture for a longer duration – an attribute that users seek from their contact lenses making them ideal for those suffering from dryness and discomfort with their current lenses.

These lenses augment hydrogen bonding between water and the lens material, thereby retaining the maximum amount of moisture throughout their use. Peripheral vision and visual acuity are the salient features of the lenses that their reputation has been built on. The lenses are very easy to insert and are guaranteed to protect your eyes from harmful UV light.

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  • We ship Internationally to over 150 different Countries!
  • The shipping cost depending to the destination country and you can see the shipping cost when you use the country in shipping details.
  • All orders will be delivered within 4-6 business days after a parcel has been dispatched.
  • Please note there is not exact time and delivery time is APPROXIMATE.
  • Nada Lenses can only accept returns if the lenses are found to be factory defective.
  • We cannot replace your lenses if you do not like the color or the parameters you have ordered are not suitable for your eyes. When ordering , you are confirming that you have consulted your Eye Care Specialist.
  • Defective lenses must be returned before we can exchange them and may only be exchanged for the exact same lens model, color and prescription.